Towne Group wins six 2011 EMMY Awards

Towne Group wins six 2011 EMMY Awards from the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS).

This continues Towne Group’s tradition of providing award winning media and management services to clients in government and industry. Towne Group professionals working with the Pentagon Channel won five awards. Towne Group’s PSA Production Team working for the Radio and Television Production Office of the Defense Media Activity also took home a top prize.

“Our team shared a lot of stage time at the awards last night and they all deserved it. They are very, very talented and very dedicated to the Pentagon Channel and to the mission of the American Forces Network.” said Charlie Towne, Vice President at Towne Group.

You can see several of our winning entries and nominees here.

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Brigitte Lyles at the mic, behind are Joe Braband (in white) and Sean Root, Linda Hernandez, and Les De Phillips hugging show host E. Dawn Samuels.

Award winners

Military Segment

“Rhonda Hartzel” … A Naval Officer fights cancer with optimism
Alicia Brown, Yvonne McGee and Steve Greisiger

Military Program/Special

“Close Combat” … An eight week series on military combative training
Linda Hernandez, Brigitte Lyles and Les DePhillips


“RECON – Future Soldier” … A documentary exploring advanced research for the next generation of war fighters and peace keepers.
Joe Braband and Sean Root

Public Current Affairs “Operation Oliver” … Veterans take on a stressed neighborhood in East Baltimore.
Terese Schlachter, Ali Jaafar, Steve Greisiger
Interstitial “Kiss” … Band members talk about their troop support program.
David Silverstein, Terry Turner and Arik Dashevsky
Community/Public Service “Cents” … A PSA campaign promoting features of the post 9/11 GI Bill.
Lee Whitman and Jason Stoughton